My Twitter Updates for 2008-08-19

August 19, 2008

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  • @PhoneBoy Great! Yep some optimization is planned. iPhone works well in current format. Can also use DialIn option. #
  • @PhoneBoy all it requires is $’s and time! #
  • @znmeb sorry I missed your Phweet earlier this evening. Think I was at dinner. Try me again tomorrow if you want to test. Thanks. #
  • Good Morning! It’s grey cloudy and cool. Reading about Google and the upcoming conventions and US WaterPolo 8-7 over Germany. #
  • Looking at and enjoying the layout. Remember talking to @evanwolf @jimcanuck years ago re same for SkypeJournal. #
  • @ae6rt they are out to get you! 😉 meaningless unless they send you an @ message #
  • @TDefren Android and competing vs iPhone is not a simple question. Too many variables and unknowns. #
  • I missed out on #tweb3 anyone want to host a post session conference call on it? We can use Phweet. Let me know and I’ll create one! #
  • @ twitkit trying out your firefox sidebar. Take a look at this #
  • Take a look at #tweb3 and “phone” for comments. Problem is phone isn’t a talk request. It’s a problem for both parties. #
  • How do you create more ambient intimacy in a session like #tweb3 What would it be like to have many micro conference calls with the stream? #
  • @robpatrob good question! I can think of organizational reasons. As an individual you probably just want to max out your signal. #

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