My Twitter Updates for 2008-08-21

August 21, 2008

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  • @mrblog Very cool session with @andyabramson makes me very excited about the future. #
  • @innismir let’s connect in a couple of hour if you are around #
  • Heading home maybe loopt will work for me this time. Still not sure why I need it. . in San Francisco, CA #
  • pretty frustrating when twitter says exceeded 100API calls in an hour. Time to turn off the APPs again. Almost forced me to stop using them #
  • @shelisrael what good a customer support account if you can’t call them. Phweet is the only way to escalate them without exchanging numbers #
  • @researching what’s the title? #
  • sometime the ad agencies really don’t know when to “Stop”. found this pretty funny and too often true. #
  • As I add new followers I’m impressed by the sheer number specializing in new media and the expertise they are bringing into the zone #
  • @dina what’s the link for the iPhone pricing airtel or voda? #
  • @dina that is just price gouging. and no your facts re the US prices aren’t right. Not sure of used value for gen1 phones unlocked. #
  • @dina AT&T price is $199 two year contract and a plan with AT&T approx $70 but now excludes text messages.. they hit you here too #
  • @phweetme Just a test for the flash widget. If you don’t see it then turn off your Ad Blocker and enable flash fo … #
  • @rp2 Hi Aman, Let’s talk #
  • @stuarthenshall 😉 @phweetme #
  • Ok it is quitting time. Lights out for me. See you all tomorrow. #
  • Good Morning! and Good Evening to most of the rest of the world. #
  • @jeffpulver Thanks! Happy to share phweet with you anytime. #
  • @jeffpulver much appreciated you should like that it works out of the box with FWD — Some have had problems with Flash being Ad blocked #
  • @drthomasho am happy to test phweet with you too. just send me one #
  • It’s interesting sometimes Summize/ is right on top of it even instantaneous and other times like now it is running behind #
  • I’d also like to hear some stories from Asterisk users who have a public SIP ID trying out Phweet and routing it direct to their exchange. #
  • Phweet has a dial-in for the US. On the iPhone you must first “manage channels” enter your phone number/save Then after accept it dials in #
  • @MaryHodder laughing! I agree that’s pretty funny saw it in WSJ this morning. #
  • @innismir @ntheory #tweetdeck is more “pure” than Twhirl now that matters. Twhirl is useful for opening multiple accounts etc. #
  • @pbaques Hi Jeff, Be great to be part of your experiments and get your feedback #
  • enjoying a neat phweet hosted by @pbaques thanks for sharing #
  • @ ntheory just took another Phweet. I’ll send you one shortly and we can look into Asterisk #
  • @daveevans come join me… Think you got busy doing other things. Do you have an Adblocker on? If so turn it off #
  • @jeffpulver go to manage channels and add your cell number. I will enable a number call option for you later. #
  • @daveevans thanks! the opportunities may not be with the traditional sites rather a new form all together. Enjoy VT – later! #
  • @elsua it doesn’t seem like it is 3 years.. performance on my battery is way down after 14 months… #
  • is anyone else like me a little disturbed to get constant email invoices from the itunes store for free apps. i find it sort of weird #
  • @jimcanuck 🙂 calling from commuter bus. #
  • @jimcanuck Hi Jim was in another call and twitter was slow with their SMS notification! #
  • @carybran let me know if you want to test phweet out. Happy to do so. #
  • #mzcramer was all the talk recently on twitter. Have no idea what that webcast was about. I think they should try Phweet. #
  • @Suw naturally @stephtara for one! #
  • @michellegreer w00t 🙂 #
  • @davidalston thanks for the link to @dina @steveportigal I like what they are doing. Tie in to Phweet? #
  • @patphelan thanks! Don’t you every get tired? #
  • @andyabramson @jeffpulver I’d like to see the first host that can get 50 people into a Phweet all connected and share the screenshot/search #
  • @patphelan lifestreams can give you away! Rest easy! #
  • @cherot if you need someone to check it out with I’d be happy to test. #
  • @phoneboy your request granted.. how you have settings to @reply all!
    see @phweetme #
  • @phoneboy now I know you only get messages from followers! Log into Phweet and you can talk to one of my alter egos. #
  • @phoneboy I will turn you into a twitter and Phweet star… Is a promise! #

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