My Twitter Updates for 2008-08-23

August 23, 2008

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  • AT&T is sending me SMS notifications to upgrade my iPhone software. What’s the hurry? Will it fix anything? 3G? 2.0 to 2.01 to 2.02 NUTS #
  • Testing loopt again reviewing it vs twinkle. Different paradigms but possible similiar first user impressions in Lafayette, CA #
  • @patphelan what and when will the today show air? #
  • @andyabramson I love the Phweet logo and the jet plane. Thanks for taking us flying. #
  • @jeffpulver you did and thanks for connecting me @cherot had a great Phweet #
  • @markmayhew Missed a couple of your earlier tweets to me. spelling in last name! No wonder there was no SMS! #
  • @MarkMayhew you need to cancel that one and send me a new one and I’ll happily explain. #
  • @MarkMayhew please try the link again. thanks #
  • @markmayhew want to Phweet on Obama’s VP. @keaakre @JamesHoang @antonperez @TheWebPixie @ABC13News #
  • Waking up to more twitter news and activity! Good Morning! Today midday I get to break off to classic tech! #
  • @andyabramson ‘s story flying higher this morning in Mashable. Andy’s mission to change how we fly and talk? #
  • I get google alerts on Phweet + harder than ever to recognize a spam blog. Pointed to one yesterday via Delicious plugin/not easy to change #
  • @andyabramson ‘s story flying higher this morning in Mashable. Andy’s mission to change how we fly and talk? #
  • fixed the previous twurl link that was stuffed… thanks guys! #
  • @marccanter4real Good Morning Marc! Hope you had a great vacation! #
  • @marccanter4real with Marc you have to tap into FriendFeed. This shot took me back where is the update? #
  • @andyabramson there should be a new design job for airline seats. What does a talkzone seat look like? The cone of silence? Remember that? #
  • @marccanter4real that doesn’t sound like what you bargained for. Social media didn’t save you on the night? You didn’t resort to twitter! #
  • Wondering if @markmayhew is up. He was swimming in a pool in New Orleans while on Phweet at almost 1:00 am last night! My pool sits empty 🙁 #
  • @andyabramson if you pay $15 for a general connection. How many could be gouged for $25 so they could talk for free? Is pricing the answer? #
  • Biden is the number one subject on Twitter this morning. Still I’d like a more in-depth commentary. Also need to check up on HamTwits #
  • I’m listening in to the live gnomedex live feed and talking to @dina on at the same time #
  • hmm will my link to Phweet in the back channel be kicked? #
  • I’m still on and listening into Gnomedex live streaming. So much more that could be talked about. Not by the chat. #
  • This is a security and privacy chat that is going on. It’s an interesting area. #Gnomedex #
  • @gwachob Yeah! listening now on the Gnomedex live feed and on at same time. Works. Still a mashup of tools. #
  • @gwachob @markmayhew you guys both have the same idea. Opportunity for a Political discussion. Go do it! #
  • @talkr thanks for the suggestion makes sense to me #
  • I’m giving up on #gnomedex it really isn’t inspiring me. Time to go to the GoodGuys show! #
  • Parking lot is full car nuts everywhere #
  • @kencamp Hi guys from goodguys car show #
  • joined @kencamp with @markmayhew @stuarthenshall #
  • @kencamp sure #
  • @kencamp hi #
  • You really can’t describe goodguys as a hot rod show it really is works of art. Still I prefer the Porsche parade. #
  • The STP booth is trying to sell me on additives. Should I be buying this story? #
  • Just leaving goodguys car show a couple really caught my eye and would be fun to drive for a day. #

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