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August 28, 2008

in general

  • Isn't it nice to be described as "most ambition yet" relative to Twitter apps!
  • Ken Camp is just one of the bloggers keeping an interesting discussion going around VoIP on planes and whether the person in the seat next to you should be able to talk. I'm for talkzones! I'm not sure I'll sit in them. I'm also very lucky Phweet played a great part in this story. For that I've got Andy Abramson's quick thinking to thank yet again. Ken's right, in the end usage comes down to manners and some common sense.
  • I like this post, plenty of great advice. We are also at the point where we need more discussion on non-delivery. Eg does a company know to fix notification settings before doing anything else? "all @ replies"? How real-time are they? Many apps have a latency factor. How do you deal with this? Then I'd like to see more discussion about how to escalate the conversation. That's one reason we built Phweet. Talk can be expensive. Not talking can cost you even more. We're headed for a world where leaving public talk requests and unanswered ones may be a useful sign of whether the company is really ready to listen.

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