My Twitter Updates for 2008-08-28

August 28, 2008

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  • @jseng what was the first app you paid real money for? #
  • @patphelan all day same thing. #
  • @mebeam Hi Ashod be great to catch up on mebeam. #
  • @stuarthenshall 😉 @phweet1 #
  • @mebeam WOW! thanks for sharing! #
  • Good Morning! Heading out the door into SF on Bart for morning of meetings. #
  • If you put the wrong parking number in for bart you cannot pay another dollar to do it right. Saw someone very frustrated they have a ti … #
  • @patphelan “been busy? :-)” is an interesting undirected tweet. As comment and question. Bet you get a lot of replies. #
  • How does one twurl a link or retweet easily from an iPhone? #
  • I’ve made it to Peet’s and am enjoying coffee with Joanne #
  • @mrblog no solar on the roof? In India we had battery backup and needed it. #
  • @asaunders re skypecasts post. Interesting persective when framed with five year mark. #
  • Need to get some lunch feel like I forgot about breakfast as was having too much fun with a Phweet demo with magic extras added. #
  • Like this dentyne ad. The original instant message. Hehe via twinkle #
  • @ann_steckel cool Phweet me if I can assist in any way. #
  • @ann_steckel users will tell the best stories. Is your session streamed? I could promote. #
  • Many very passionate Skypers are really pissed off by the death of Skypecasts. Try Phweet! #

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