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August 31, 2008

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Did you know many people prefer to Phweet with their phones rather than talk over their laptop. Others just want to get it working on their Nokia’s, Blackberries and iPhones. So I wrote some how to posts over on the Phweet Talk blog. I’ve followed this with a few Examples, Then links to “how to” screenshots and finally observations on why Phweet is refreshingly different.

Posted to PhweetTalk:


  1. You just received a Phweet and you don’t have a mic or headset available. You don’t want to decline you simply must take this talk request. Never fear.. just dial-in and make the connection. Phweet makes it easy to “dial-in” and accept calls rather than taken them on your PC. You can call in with any phone that will display an accurate callerID (including Skype).
  2. You don’t understand all this stuff about SIP and you want the freedom to direct Phweet to ring your mobile or desktop phone. Then use Gizmo5 and buy a few minutes there. We will have even more solutions available soon.
  3. You just want to dial-in from your mobile. You can today and an example using the iPhone is linked to below.

How to Links:

  • Dial-in to Phweet and use your phone or mobile Phweet Detail Step by Step
  • Dial-in to Phweet Slideshow (turn ‘info on”)

It’s about Names not Numbers: Phweet is charging ahead to create a world where you choose your callerID and that callerID is not a number. Nobody needs your number anymore and in the end even if they have it we will help you manage those interruptions. More importantly there is a huge new world of conversations emerging where you don’t have someone’s number. Whether on Twitter, or another network or in close proximity to others. Proximity buddies, location based services etc. These conversations will all thrive in a world that is not brokered by phone numbers. More importantly in a numberless world you must control whether or not a call is even presented to you. The idea that you can ring someone out of the blue is now officially dead unless you are their mother, father, brother, sister, boss, lover, emergency doctor, etc.

Phweet is channel agnostic. Our aim is to let you use the communication providers and tools you want to use. We are not in the business of selling minutes. In fact whether hosting or accepting a Phweet you determine how you want to interconnect. The parties that are speaking have no need to know whether I’m on Skype and you are on your home phone or mobile, unless you want to share this context with them.

We designed Phweet to have low/no switching costs.
The reason there will never be another Skype is we already have our buddylists’ there. The cost of moving that list to another service is high. The cost of getting another “skypeout” account is less attractive when you already make a lot of calls there and with rates the way they are there is no real financial benefit for moving. So Phweet lets you use the services you already have. Plus as more and more VoIP companies enable SIP to PSTN interconnects (provide you the freedom to simply direct a VoIP system to your Phone) you will find it becomes simpler than ever to take talk via Phweet anywhere and anytime.

Choice, Privacy and Control: Today as communications fragment and services proliferate we have one big problem. To protect our privacy we try and give out different numbers. However, when the other party really needs to speak with you the number is no longer active, you are not there, or out of range etc. Even if you gave them all your numbers it wouldn’t matter, the first one where they get a voice mail is a failure case. Importantly, you realize that if you give them your mobile number you could suffer an increasing number of interruptions at times and in places where they are not welcome. Phweet solves this problem. It says to your friends followers and interested parties send me a “talk request”. Now neither you or the other parties need to exchange anything about numbers and you get the benefits of choosing your own form for introduction. Yes for now currently limted to Twitter.


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