My Twitter Updates for 2008-09-17

September 17, 2008

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  • Totally bummed! Won’t make it to tonights vlab event. Quite a few people was looking forward to seeing. #
  • Funny as I wait by the side of the road two cop cars went by but did not stop. #
  • Finally home sad to see my bike come home on a flat bed. Ice on a few bruises Stlll much better than tangling with the dam car. #
  • Watching Mad Men. Now on season two “three Sundays” great program re the 60’s and advertising. #
  • ? ? Twitter keys. ? Not sure how they work yet. Requires a copy and paste. #
  • Working on the Phweet Cafe overview is @dina cafe on social mobility. Think of it as a persistent voice IRC. #
  • @teach42 how was your experience with Can we review? #
  • @andrewhansen This should show you how a technical support group can use a persistent PhweetURL to direct and con … #
  • joined @andrewhansen #
  • Had a good discussion on using PhweetURL’s for customer/expert support services using both open and ordered formats. #

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