My Twitter Updates for 2008-09-22

September 22, 2008

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  • Should twitter be a artery for customer service complaints? If @wachovia or @comcastcares is on Twitter should they handle #complaints? #
  • Also testing today. Making comparisons with Yammer. Bothers me these solutions are too closed. #
  • Mad Men’ wins Emmy for best drama series (AP) well deserved if you ask me. #
  • Good morning! So nice to see my pool filled again although sad that summer is fading fast #
  • @comcastcares I believe you can although u need a friction free way to escalate and route to voice. In TSearch complaints are transparent. #
  • I’m sad I just left a Skype multichat that I’d been in for years. It no longer served me any real purpose. I’d like to see a #SVoIP one here #
  • joined @vvvandit #
  • @presently Yammer is clearly closed. Presently less so. I want Public, Groups and Private. Want choice. SMS suppo … #
  • @littlebytesnews This is the best way to experience it. We can then set you up. #
  • joined @kmw08 with @jonhusband #
  • joined @kmw08 with @jonhusband @jdysart #
  • @jdysart look forward to joining in at #kmw08 tomorrow. Follow @kmw08 to connect with other attendees and interested parties. #
  • @evanwolf great post thanks for the link re faceted identity. What we want to attach to our CallerID depends on the reason we want to talk. #
  • Again I am seeing 6+ minutes of latency in twitter SMS response times. I always know. I have two iphones side by side on my desktop.Not Good #
  • Then I complain and the update is immediate! What gives? AT&T or Twitter? Where’s the problem? #
  • @iaindodsworth thanks! Tend to think you are ahead anyways! #
  • @ann_steckel am guessing that’s a simple reminder that my exhaust from calling activities can be a nuisance. Suggestions on how to manage? #
  • hmm observation. It took six minutes to deliver an @twitter name message via SMS while a general status update was instantaneous. #
  • @twitter is it true that @ messages are delivered slower via SMS than general status updates? My last message was treated as status I think. #
  • @phweeter Let’s test this way. The last two both came through quickly. Latency in SMS is important to me. Impacts on real-time responses. #
  • Ok I give up on this test. It’s impossible to report on SMS response times. It’s way to random. I was happier when I thought it instant #
  • Again six minutes for SMS response on general update! What gives? Where’s the problem? This is why Yammer or Presently will get a toehold. #
  • Then immediate! @twitter how can I know when my update will be sent via SMS immediately vs with a 6 minute delay? #
  • @howethomas hi Thomas, Just saw a tweet that you and @asaunder were talking Phweet. #
  • @shaboom thanks! #
  • Never forget a TV show – Many of us will be watching “Heroes” tonight! I’ll watch it on Tivo later! #
  • @ae6rt Could be the truth really coming out! In business they call it Window Dressing. Probably thinks a Trillion payout ok on Bridge terms #
  • @ae6rt I’d really like to see what the “Spiral Dynamics” answer would be. We all carry the wrong color cards as a nation today #
  • SMS notification are still on either a 6 minute or 6 seconds delivery. It doesn’t matter if Direct, @ or just a status update. #
  • … I knew that SMS would be under the six seconds. Latency matters to me and to many services ultimately to be signaled over Twitter. #
  • hmm.. every other SMS? six minutes again. Anyone else noted this? Hard if you aren’t running two phones side by side one following the other #
  • If you add latency on a Twitter App so it doesn’t blow through the API calls then you could see 10 minutes or more before a message delivery #
  • Seems my daughter shops @zappos how would one know? #

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