eComm 2009 – Post Telecom Era

October 8, 2008

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Next year’s preparation for eComm2009 is already underway. In the two years since it replaced an O’Reilly conference on Emerging Telephony it has become the destination to go to meet and talk to others equally passionate about the future of communications. This is a list of the initial topics. Lee Dryburgh is still seeking additional presenters and topics. Come and join many of us. It isn’t just geeky communications; it’s what people are doing on the fringe, on the edge, that is likely to shake up the way you think about communications.

eComm2009: Emerging Communications Conference

Major topics of 09 (so far) will include:

* Mobile Social Networking (MoSoSo) more…- demos of the emerging applications which promise to turn the phone into a social radar. Seek to answer whether the majority of text messages sent through cellular networks will eventually relate to online social network interaction; and whether all operators sooner or later will offer a Facebook plugin? The emergence of socially aware devices and networks
* Open Handsets & the Open Ecosystem more…- the latest iPhone Apps strut their stuff, Google Android Prize Winners demo. The impact of increasingly open handsets on the entire mobile value chain; and who is best positioning to monetize it?
* Both Voice and Video Evolution more…- does standalone consumer VoIP still have a future – at least one which is profitable? If not, where does it go next? What opportunities does threaded video conversation bring? How much smarter are Codecs getting?
* Convergence of media with personal communications
* Open Spectrum more…- the fight for open spectrum will significantly determine the future of communications. What if anyone could access spectrum anywhere at anytime; a world with no spectrum scarcity? It’s often claimed that established interests are fighting to prevent widespread access to the public airwaves. We’ll explore the regulatory issues, technologies, and key players involved in this critical inside-the-beltway battle.
* Open Communication Platforms more…- demos of applications which show the power of convergence of Web, Telco and mobile technologies
* Leveraging Cloud Computing more…- is the time ripe for a new wave of mobile applications that tap into near unlimited processing, storage in the cloud? Are telcos better positioned to offer that infrastructure?
* Social Computing more…- what is the trend and how is it already starting to displace telephony?
* Towards 4G Wireless more…- will networks move quickly to LTE, or will we see continued development of HSPA and CDMA? Where do innovations like WiMAX and femtocells fit? And how will these new wireless technologies enable new services & applications?
* P2P and Decentralization of Telecoms
* Communications enabling business processes, especially B2C more…- how can we make money from organisations who wish to interact and transact with end users? What does Freephone 2.0 look like?
* Emerging Markets

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