My Twitter Updates for 2008-10-08

October 8, 2008

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  • @jfouts thanks for the post on Phweet! #
  • @jfouts now thats a great idea! make sure you let @iaindodsworth know! We have an API and are happy to work to put it in any twitter app. #
  • @aswath I don’t really see Fring as a Skype app although many will use it just for that. It’s broken re API calls for using with Twitter. #
  • ☎ This simple persistent URL can replace sharing my phone numbers and give me control over unwanted int … #
  • Tried using twitterkeys to insert a telephone icon next to a PhweetURL. Didn’t work. #
  • @Aswath maybe it was the safari browser will have to check it on more browsers and apps. Should it be auto inserted? #

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