My Twitter Updates for 2008-10-16

October 16, 2008

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  • at least one of them can speak in a measured way. One spouts crap and is stuck with her. #
  • we can always look to Gordon brown for financial leadership. #
  • do we have adequate control over the investments going into the banks. How would these two change the terms #current #
  • McCain loses the health care argument he is dead on his plan the worm says so #
  • @anildash you making that up re tv movie and joe the plumber? #
  • how will joe the plumber rate the debate? #
  • maybe Tina fey and joe the plumber can get together #
  • Was just asked to sign in to a new yahoo beta… new profile. I did it although have no idea why I’d want to really participate. #
  • “In 100 words or less, what should the next president do in his first 100 days to address the planet’s most pressing problems?” 140 char??? #
  • @matsnyder2001 Look forward to getting your feedback. #
  • @Ayojak_Event sorry wasn’t around when you tried to contact me. Let’s try later. #

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