My Twitter Updates for 2008-10-18

October 18, 2008

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  • ok… that’s it for today. I am going to find a bottle of New Zealand Pinot Noir and maybe catch last weeks Mad Men. #
  • @andyabramson good post! lots of hidden meaning in how Twitter might make money! #
  • @jsgoecke re SA Pinotage you will have to educate me! #
  • Would Twitter be a great place to advertise goods and services? What would you want to sell here? How would you search for these deals? #
  • @kencamp but what if I want to sell something. Eg my car or an old phone. I just put it in as a short message here? 140 char ads? #
  • @SherylBreuker i was thinking about the public feed and obviously needs some #tags #cars #mobile etc #
  • @SherylBreuker thanks! read and tweeted it this am 😉 some goods are already advertised too. Eg @delloutlet – twitter ads could be mobile! #
  • Am fascinated as always by the latency in twitter and the need to exit the system so one can really chat or escalate the conversation. #
  • @hkremer you could use a zip code tag like #94549 or use a twitter app to submit the location / GPS coordinates. #
  • @hkremer you are close enough to buy my car! Is that coincidence or are you using Twinkle or something to search on tweets nearby? #
  • @kencamp so what about a service ad? Eg a talk for advice or I’m simply open to talk? That’s not restricted by location. Time to make one up #
  • @kevinmarks Thanks! so I:94549 represents my coordinates for Lafayette Ca? Haven’t see that used much. Although results via twinkle automate #
  • @hkremer aggregation is definitely the key. However we are already advertising to an extent with every update. Is there a Geo Tweet Search? #
  • @kencamp You see what you follow. An app could filter. Is more direct to the public feed. #
  • Searched Twitter for for sale: some are trying it out. Without a search center though it fails vs a Craigslist #
  • @hkremer “twinkle” is my favorite iPhone app. It shows tweets nearby. see eg 1 mile radius. #
  • Click URL to Talk! What sort of ads will work on Twitter? Services, Goods, Personals? Is it happening already? #
  • @hkremer Yep I think there are many stories like that. I think there could be more. #
  • If people tweet that they put an ad on craigslist is that any different from as a potential service ad? #
  • @kencamp I don’t see following unless you use track I see using search as the more effective method. It also has to result in a call. #
  • I’m still playing around with which is live as a conversation space to talk about Ads on Twitter. #
  • @SherylBreuker It seems to me I can do one better than craigslist on the managing potential buyers. You have no control on craigslist #
  • I will create a phoney ad. See how many interested parties i can attract. #
  • @phweeter I think it is overpriced. Where are you based? Will pay $250 for unlocked version #
  • @SherylBreuker so maybe you want to buy this Nokia unlocked… please play along and try it. #
  • What’s the impact of using “Quitter” on API calls? Could it be a problem? #
  • Google SMS channels! This is a BIG DEAL! Only for India for now. I get that. Will test with Indian SIM! #
  • @fredwilson Google SMS for India confirms my suspicions. It is a big deal. Using my India Sim to test! #
  • @ntheory not that I have seen – had same problem. Although now have an account! Nice to have an Indian SIM that’s active. #
  • Link to the Google SMSLife blog. #
  • @ntheory works! you may have to sign in. #
  • Still trying to fake an ad here and sell a nokia 5800 XpressMusic #

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