My Twitter Updates for 2008-10-19

October 19, 2008

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  • A lot of playing and thinking done today. I really am a visual person. I much prefer the white board to writing! You should see my notes! #
  • Testing twitfire a new Twitter client for the iPhone. Apparently let’s me use it like twurl. #
  • Unfortunately it (twitfire) stupidly tries to get all my friends which is an API blowout. It did update my location effectively. #
  • @socialspace re twitfire it doesn’t have a feed so it is update oriented rather than a reply enabler. One way to post links from iphone. #
  • just installed twittertoolbar in firefox to test #
  • best thing about twittertoolbar was finding the twitter counter and graph to see how your followers have grown. Deleting. I won’t use it. #
  • @minhaaj I guess you found it difficult to connect. #

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