My Twitter Updates for 2008-10-23

October 23, 2008

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  • I’m still looking for a blog writing challenge for tonight. Any suggestions? Topic or headline I should write to? #
  • Oh great! three challenging suggestions. @tonykarrer @carribugbee, @a_f. I trending towards “New Work”. Any more suggestions? #
  • @touraj Very fair comment! Not sure I meant to cast Jaxtr like that. A reflection that growth and VoIP/Voice solutions – quite hard times. #
  • @startupcfo “ouch” that would be a tough one! I’d prefer to think about what might get 100 million users excited or change their behavior. #
  • About to post my “New Work” post. Took half a wine glass of Cognac! Don’t do that often! Was fun being given topics to blog about. THANKS! #
  • For fans of PopTech you can watch it live at today and tomorrow. #
  • @danyork try pandora in the car plugged in to the car stereo. Great for the long trip. Too bad iPhone bluetooth is crippled. #
  • Tuned back in to Poptech briefly. Forgotten the name of the “conductor” with Boston Symphony Orchestra – wonderful Happy Birthday lesson. #
  • @peterkaminski are you at poptech? see the same event just got you tweeting too. #
  • Speaker live now at Poptech is Benjamin Zander only one I’ve really enjoyed tuning into today. #
  • Thanks for the reminder Benjamin Zander! You illustrate the reason that I went to PopTech 2 years in a row. One day I will get to go again. #
  • @peterkaminski enjoy! I am deeply envious. Nice time of year to be there too. Camden is such a great place! #

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