My Twitter Updates for 2008-10-31

October 31, 2008

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  • Does anyone know? Can you use the mic for two apps at once on the iphone. Eg record a call in progress? I must try with italk too #
  • Nope… it seems that you can’t share the mic while the iphone is in a call with another app at least in the default mode. Anyone managed it #
  • downloading the fake calls app and google earth for the iPhone. the former i will never use the later ought to be interesting. #
  • @euan yep top of the free charts last night. push the button. You get a fake call. Eg from boss. Excuse yourself from meeting is benefit? #
  • @SameerPatel thanks for connecting. Will have to get a few more subscriptions up to start evaluating. Looks useful. #
  • I’m at Qik @broy and they have a really neat new space! #
  • joined @phweeter with @broy #
  • streaming on QIK #
  • We’re just demoing control capabilities #
  • @broy 😉 #
  • kicked @broy #
  • streaming on QIK #
  • Grabbing a bite to eat. #
  • Heading north towards San francisco. #
  • @pistachio agree with your POV re Magpie. #
  • according to magpie I could earn 40.78 euros a month spamming you with ad tweets. Definitely not worth it! #
  • there is a difference to (Google) advertising on your blog and Twitter. Google pays for the hosting effectively! It’s also not in my feed #
  • Not sure I buy this argument on Mobile VoIP. Do you? Services not Voice route arounds is the solution when calls … #
  • I’m still trying to figure out why the iPhone in principle makes such a great video camera and Apple left it out. Is it iTunes integration? #
  • @kv agreed! Although I give them credit for the experiment. I could voice enable them all! #

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