My Twitter Updates for 2008-12-01

December 1, 2008

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  • Feels good to be getting back to work after a full 9 days off. I needed the break and mostly used it for chores / fixing up the house. #
  • here we are again.. today back on tweetdeck but again status rate limite exceeded. There is no way this makes sense. No other apps running #
  • @TDavid nope been changing the password to make sure I know what is broken and what’s ok or connected. #
  • Ok watching tweetdeck. It was reset at 1:15 and it is now 1:28. Iam down to 48/100. That has to last the hour. Now only see replies and DM. #
  • Ok at 1:58 i have 14 api calls left. Only replies & direct messages open – 2 minutes and six minutes settings. so 21 max doesn’t add up #
  • Didn’t think status updates were a charge to the APi. now at 10. Won’t make the hour on TweetDeck yet again. Where did they go? #
  • Anyone know how many api calls are made by the Facebook APP per hour? Istill have that running. IS that my problem. 2:04 and 9. #
  • @elsua I can’t really get to the bottom of it. It is either the app designs or Twitter has changed the way it counts. Leaving Tweetdeck #
  • Haven’t touched Twitter since my last tweet. Logged on twittelator pro. 34 api calls left after loading. #
  • Oops at 19 now. Unworkable. Where did they go? . #

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