My Twitter Updates for 2008-12-02

December 2, 2008

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  • Twittown TwitRank data on top 150 tweeters isn’t accurate. Have no idea where they get the data. #
  • @robpatrob I really don’t know. I think there is no magic in rationing and it would be counter productive to the Twitter community. #
  • Well have to stop writing some bloga I’ve been working on and go and get cheesecake ingredients. I have a custom super chocolately task todo #
  • @gwachob thanks! #
  • @dina thanks for the rt. You did a fantastic job with your tweets and I for one felt it more strongly as a result. #
  • When i leave my mac it keeps trying to log out and shutdown. Anyone else have this problem. I don’t think it is general settings related. #
  • I am happy that vonage no longer seems to advertise on my blog! Although now I have magicjack. Can’t say I’d recommend it either. #
  • Does anyone one know if Twitters “rate_limit_status” works? Is there a simple test? #
  • @om comments ring true. Preview Review of new Nokia N97. Says it is no iPhone. Beat iPhone would be a killer project. #
  • @dina good piece by you in CNN Another example of how news is changing. #
  • Will CNN’s increasing use of social media accelerate the demise of newspapers and will CNN usurp their position? Eg NYTimes / WSJ? #

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