Social Signals to Change Communications?

January 8, 2009

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Lee’s doing a great job on the interview front in preparation for eComm. This interview with Matt Ranney of Rebelvox had some points in it that I know I’ve been advocating and seem to be catching on. Signaling is the media! A call is dependent on the context and the content. That’s what we have done with the Phweet alpha. The interview was transcribed and I took the quotes below from it.

Separately, reading about Rebelvox reminded me of another military based startup I worked on a few years ago. There having listening channels was also important in particular knowing whether the other person was close behind you or in front of you etc. I will be interested in learning more about Rebelvox.

Matt Ranney on Thinking Beyond VoIP and A. Bell Telephony – Emerging Communications Blog

Matt comments…

The thing that’s broken about telephony is it doesn’t respect the time of the people who are talking through it. That’s what we aim to fix.

“Party A summons party B with a bell, and that’s why we call it a ‘phone call'”. I want to talk to you, so I ring you. I wait for you to decide whether you want to talk to me or whether you want me to go away…..

Sure, one way you can synchronize attention is with these improved signaling schemes and then you end up with this rendezvous. And then, you’ve got full attention. I think it needs to be a broader spectrum than that. Yes, I completely agree with that and I’m totally on board with your improved, human-to-human signaling, but I think that the signaling actually is the media. It’s not necessarily just in service of getting some live call going. It is the content. If that content is best relayed in a live way then that’s how the people will use it. They should be able to get what they want. The signaling, in and of itself, has value as content

Lee Comments….

The first one is that there is a revolution around the signaling. It’s not to do signaling on IP [laughter], the change of transmission of signaling. It’s the fact that you go person-to-person. It’s taken the signaling from a circuit level to a sociological level. It’s actually, where sociology intersects with computer science. The whole rendezvous thing is a subset.

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