My Twitter Updates for 2009-02-04

February 4, 2009

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  • Reposting link. Seems wordpress messed up the link on “Bangalore – First Impressions #
  • Opps reposted the wrong link. What Everyone in India seems to know about the iPhone and why they aren’t excited by it #
  • Now will have to work out the posting bug in WordPress. Must have been part of the upgrade to 2.7. #
  • @thinkmaya I really like your wordpress theme for GeekDance. The coffee place “had a certain charm” 😉 #
  • @SameerPatel thanks for the RT, next time I’d really like to see more of the old town. #
  • @shefaly was great to meet you too and thanks for the comment on my blog. Thanks for the “meter kaapi” translation for “filter coffee” in reply to shefaly #
  • Ok.. I am giving up on working out how to get “MyBlogLog” widget back. It is no longer on their site – It provided “visitors” — pictures #
  • Thought I’d feed @stuarthenshall replies into my blog sidebar. Just done it and seeing how it feels. #
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if TwitterTools for WordPress added a simple unique #hashtag with each blog post shared with twitter. #
  • MyBlogLog needs direction. The new “grab this” format sucks! On my blog but will remove it. See what I want is here #
  • @jackvinson Thanks my issue is I customized what I wanted in the past and that is no longer there. Before it was elegant. Now TRASH! in reply to jackvinson #
  • From WSJ Google Maps Goes Social – on the launch of Latitude – looks good may be great! #
  • RT@chrispirillo: I want to tweet and have its responses automatically funneled into an unpublished blog post, cl.. #
  • I am so thankful I don’t have to use Skype 4.0 and can keep on using the Mac version #
  • @robpatrob a link that you will appreciate re 2020 insights. #
  • via Young People Abandon Email in favor or Text Messaging – DUH! #
  • DTV Delay Almost Official – cheapest notification would be 48 hours without TV and then four months. #
  • This is an awesome “deep thinking” post on democracy, civilization and consensus. #

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