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February 4, 2009

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I’m not sure where the “sense” at MyBlogLog has gone. Stupidity appears to have replaced what was once an elegant solution with a nice degree of customization. As a very early adopter of MyBlogLog I used to be delighted to visit my page and just see the pictures of my friends that had visited. It was also a neat introductory method for others. Then a few weeks ago it disappeared from my blog. Probably during some upgrade it went missing and I’ve now tried twice to get it back.

What I had….

What I get today..

The new widget is ugly! It is all about selling and the pictures are all downsized. As a user of the MyBlogLog site you cannot even find this. You can only grab it off their blog. There’s some new widget in there when you log on. It’s not what I want. I can manage my profile my own way on my blog … thank you.

The result. The other day I had added Friend Connect which is in beta. It’s still ugly and I don’t know if I will keep it… but maybe it will build to replace MyBlogLog.

Perhaps the whole MyBlogLog service didn’t work. At first I was a paying customer but stopped after a few months (seems like years ago) for I just didn’t use the data and it was too expensive. So I assume they have a new strategy. Just to me it is starting to look like a lot of others with links to all your services etc. Just another aggregator. I’m not going to think much more about it. For me it had now really totally lost it’s usefullness.

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Saurabh Sahni February 15, 2009 at 9:44 am

Stuart, you can grab the old school MBL widget through this link:

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