Jajah makes iPod Touch a Phone

February 5, 2009

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Good thinking from Jajah as they turn the new2.0 iPod touch into a fully functioning phone. I like their positioning with no need for a SIM card or contract. Of course you will need WiFi. Could that iPod Touch replace the landline phone in your house? It’s the type of convenience that could. (Note the iPod requires the headset to work so not quite so convenient.) Still this is another way where Consumer VoIP is moving off the PC and into the hand. That’s a step forward.

I expect it still has the same problems as the iPhone related apps. It won’t work in the background and thus it really won’t be effective (are they enabled?) for inbound calls. Only when you can play music or games and run Jajah in the background will this be really useful. I did check with Jajah you will be able to buy an inbound number for your iPod.

JAJAH Turns iPod Touch Into an iPhone

With JAJAH’s solution, any company can turn their customers’ iPod touch into a fully functioning mobile phone,” said Trevor Healy, CEO, JAJAH. “The device is particularly popular amongst students, who live in a world where Wi-Fi access is always available and, like everyone, they are looking to save costs, so this is a perfect solution.”

JAJAH’s next generation IP communications platform gives its partners everything they need to launch the service immediately. This includes the application itself, plus the entire suite of management services, from termination of the calls and quality control, right through to billing and processing payments in 200 countries around the world.

The second part of the announcement was a “white label” option.

I’ve not tested it and don’t believe it is yet in the iTunes store although I expect it soon will be. I don’t know how elegant the UI or the solution is although I expect it to be simple and likely to work well.

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