My Twitter Updates for 2009-02-10

February 10, 2009

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  • Is there a good one line tweet on the #Obama news conference. #
  • Link via @chrisbrogan this is a thoughtful post worth the read. #
  • Some times i read more into comments than perhaps i should but iskoot and twitter??? Twitter time to talk to phweet? #
  • I’d appreciate some comments and feedback on Will help with our next steps. Write an ad for fun. #
  • Thanks to you all that took a look at including @robshepherd @filos @duma @yusufmotowala @k3n13 #
  • I have another blog post I’ve been writing about Tweets really just being a form of personal advertising. Support for #twitmart #
  • Testing out opensky the VoIP gateway from Gizmo5 for Skype. Will write up my thoughts. #
  • @beley you are the perfect subject – iphone and kindle! Have you tried “classics” on the iphone? I’d like that in color in a 5×8 format. in reply to beley #
  • @beley think how we read is one of the next “big product” ideas that will come soon. There’s a huge opportunity to reinvent reading. in reply to beley #
  • @yusufmotiwala Thanks! Twitmart combines the power of social networks with traditional classifieds and will enable some new options too. in reply to yusufmotiwala #
  • So happy to have my old trusty Saeco Magic back. Just pushed the button and the expresso is perfect. Why go to Peets or Starbucks? #
  • @alecsaunders – are you launching your affiliate program in India? Is that 25% of revenue a rollover for each month they stay a customer? #
  • @kevinmarks is that research findings you have on OpenID? Are they available? in reply to kevinmarks #
  • How often do you look at the “public” twitter stream? How often do you search? I should put up a little survey! #
  • @kevinmarks thanks, the current chat topic doesn’t exactly grab me. Must be interlopers at lunch time. Will check later. in reply to kevinmarks #
  • @ericrice not sure it is against the rules. I do search but other than when in a location doing a demo I’d seldom look for public tweets. #
  • It’s pointless having =stuart as an ID if on every OpenID account log-in I must use I’d prefer to choose my URL. #
  • Wired thoughts on the original Kindle. #
  • 56% would rather hold their cell phone on Valentine’s Day and 40% would rather spend a week with it. #
  • How Not to be a Key Online Influencer by @davidhenderson This story seems a little tough to me. #
  • Will the iPhone Kill the Kindle? No Way – the points are valid the question is still open in my mind. #

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