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February 21, 2009

in general

  • There's some good points in this article. Particularly like the suggestion that (if you can) network older workers even ex-workers you can retain more of their knowledge or perhaps tap it at a later date. The "social alumni" may become even more important. Extend the network to make sure the knowledge never walks completely out the door!
  • This isn't a surprising finding. What would be more interesting would be to see the data for different types of apps. However, many apps are also only designed to used occasionally. Similarly the iPhone won't run more than one at a time. I have many on my iPhone and I could delete many of them as non-essential. Yet some like the HP photo print I use maybe once in a month and it's convenient and neat. I'd also like to see games although I'm betting they are the same for most people.
  • This may be a bad long-term precedent. Hinted in the HP note is employees may get their bonuses back and make up the difference. However increasing the bonus pool may not create a better corporate climate or culture. If other companies all follow suit the middle class gets squeezed and wages are headed right down. There's nothing in this that addresses efficiency. Poorly applied bonus schemes may also be more politicized on the payout. Is the cut going into a pool for all employees regardless of performance or is it going to be redistributed to "better" performers. The message direction is great "we're all in this together" (even if the CEO got $42m last year!) and HP is not alone as a company in taking this action. Frankly it's the one I would too. I'd be very careful with the perceptions and transparency on where it goes. I'd also apply it first in line as the first bonus to be earned by the company.
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