eComm Start Tomorrow – My topic…. effectively CallerID 2.0.

March 2, 2009

in general

I’m going to the eComm conference for most of the week. I’m also presenting there tomorrow. “No More Numbers – CallerID 2.0″. I’ll post my slides with a pre-recorded audio soon after presenting.

I’m going to make some statements that look at Twitter as a possible future for telephony. The context will relate to using “text based signals” to set up communications. Those signals include a URL (as those that have used Phweet know) which sets up the exchange rules for the conversation. Ask yourself. Could a text based signaling approach replace DTMF tones? Is context before a call important? What if you could select and control your callerID?

was launched as a public alpha last year. More information may also be found at the PhweetTalk blog.

What’s eComm all about? eComm2009: Emerging Communications Conference

The world’s leading-edge telecom, Internet communications and mobile innovation event built to both showcase and accelerate innovation; and to explore radical new opportunities – together.
Why eComm™?

Cataclysmic change is facing the multi-trillion dollar a year telecom industry:

* Telecom is becoming software
* The cash cows of telephony and SMS will dry up long term
* “Phones” are turning into general purpose computers
* A march is underway to change how spectrum is allocated and utilized
* Applications innovation is being democratized
* The media industry is converging with personal communications
* Internet-style ecosystems are starting to pressurize the traditional value chain
* Search engines and computer manufactures are encroaching into the space
* The telecom kingdom is fragmenting daily.

It means unprecedented opportunity for those ahead-of-the-curve.

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