My Twitter Updates for 2009-03-02

March 2, 2009

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  • In Keynote 09 you can’t use the rehearse and record mode at the same time without using a second screen. That seems like a mistake. #
  • Trying to get the chores done before eComm starts tomorrow. Will be there all week! Looking forward to catching up with many friends. #
  • Plus in Keynote 09 why can’t I do a video record along with the rehearse so I could merge it in some movie mode or Flash. Maybe it is there #
  • @EthanZ Why not? re twtter back channel in reply to EthanZ #
  • Dell Inspiron Mini 9 for $99 with purchase of select systems! So now they are almost giving them away??? I’m tem.. #
  • @dsearls I’d be “Going cold turkey” on TV too if my daughter wasn’t home! See you at eComm! The End of BroadcastTV?
  • apophenia: feature requests for my blog – To add or not | Twitter or Delicious? Other feeds? What should be on a.. #
  • Great now I can drop my Skype subscription & still use SkypeToGo! The reason it is not popular is no-one can find it! #
  • @shelisrael yeah… although will we fall for intel inside again? Will that strategy actually play out in mobile? Hard to see. from this. in reply to shelisrael #
  • @peterkaminski #GTD Not exactly obvious it means “getting things done”. GTD doesn’t translate. On the summit page there is no definition. in reply to peterkaminski #
  • @jake_buehler hold the function ‘fn” key down an press the delete key! in reply to jake_buehler #
  • RT @Duma: [Web2.0] Always Innovating launching touch-screen Netbook: I think the most eagerly anticipated demo.. #
  • @jake_buehler never had a need for that one… there’s probably a way. I must use the trackpad! in reply to jake_buehler #

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