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March 3, 2009

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Jon Husband March 3, 2009 at 6:41 pm

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 for $99 with purchase of select systems! So now they are almost giving them away??? I’m tempted to convert one to OSX
Netbooks and the cloud seems to be the word. However this price sort of throws in a Dell Mini 9 with a new laptop. What message is that? Or is it just desperation? It leaves me baffled. I should probably look on eBay for one with XP and a 16gb drive. How cheap are they there?

The Asus Eee PC has just come down in price $100 .. now $268 ( I think it’s the Ubuntu version with a 6-cell battery and a decent sized SSD). I have a friend who has installed the Mac OS X on the Eee PC Linux version. I know of course that you can make the dell into a Hackintosh as well .. and evidently Dell is coming out with a ten-inch version that is as thin as the Macbook Air.

I wonder when these kinds of possibilities will start eating into Apple laptop sales ? One HECK of a lot cheaper …

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