eComm Quick Reflections

March 9, 2009

in general

I’m sure I’m carrying the positive vibes of many others that left eComm with new hope, a buzz about what’s just around the corner. And a few leads to follow-up. I certainly enjoyed making new friends and reconnecting with colleagues.

Credit due to Lee Dryburgh for keeping things moving to schedule. His buzzer system worked well. If there was one thing I’d like to have seen was quick or mini-panels after 3 or 4 people had spoken. Eg Take the last three or four speakers, hold questions and then run a mini-panel using one or two facilitated questions but leaving it mostly for the audience. Probably I learned that even 5 minute pitches could be very effective while 15 minutes was plenty long enough for anyone. However most used up their time and the audience lost out on the chance to ask more questions. I’ve seen this done at PopTech in particular and it’s effective.

Some themes…

“How will we communicate wihout going through a telco?”

“Complete the business process inside the Voice Mail System”

There were some other great presentations. Ge Wang and the Ocarina story (sonic music) was a real highlight. Perhaps not traditionally telephony but a real reminder that what we put in our pockets is no-longer a phone.

Good to see that one must consider the impact of “connectivity” in the equation for Netbooks and other emerging consumer products like Kindle. How should these be priced?

The final presentation that brought together Japan, Korea, China was worth staying right to the end for. Great comparisons on wireless connectivity and why the markets are different.

Lee mentioned or is that floated the potential for eComm Europe. That’s a good idea. This is one conference I’d like to be more involved in.

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