My Twitter Updates for 2009-03-11

March 11, 2009

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  • the screen sharing app can be useful. The phone number in their app is wrong. Cust Serv is 9 to 5 EST. Billings aren’t realtime #
  • I got my MacBookPro back today! Will have to write up the experience. I did like the new MacBook although not enough to trade up and buy new #
  • Early morning start on the west coast for me today! #
  • @phweeter What color is it? General condition and where can I see it? #
  • @aswath sorry I missed you earlier. I’m around if you want to connect #
  • RT @montymetzger: Walt Mossberg & Katherine Boehret about the “facebook phone” @mocom2020 | #
  • PG&E checks my meter monthly and can’t close the gate after. As a result my dog gets out everytime. Messages don’t help. I’m complaining! #
  • @kencamp – not in my neck of the woods! What we pay is probably outrageous too. Prices went up. I don’t see them coming down… in reply to kencamp #
  • @jobsworth – Yes next time I’m in London I’ll head to St Paul’s. Be fun to talk CallerID 2.0 sooner and understand your approach. in reply to jobsworth #
  • What solutions are being used to get @twittername replies to SMS? Eg I want a notification service for @ replies. I made one. Recommend? #
  • @aswath when you join a persistent session you are subscribed. Thus you unsubscribe from that session. You want a “feature request” in reply to aswath #
  • @GlanceNetworks Rich fixed it all up! Thanks! Worked fine as usual. I’m on a Mac. The help/about/ gave a phone number that didn’t work. in reply to GlanceNetworks #
  • I’m using FeedWordpress to route a Twitter RSS search on @myname to Taglets which provides a DM which I then get via SMS. Anything easier? #
  • @LoDog thanks twimailer certainly appears to improve the follower notifications. Still it won’t create a notification for an @ reply. in reply to LoDog #
  • @khylek Yes Tweply appears to do it. I’d have questions about impact on API calls, frequency, etc. Testing. ? the SMS approach – $$$ in reply to khylek #
  • @phweeter testing tweply with you. It was created by @gabek #
  • @gabek I’d like to compare notes with you on tweply. #

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