My Twitter Updates for 2009-03-18

March 18, 2009

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  • Why has tweetdeck beta stopped showing me my Facebook Friends Status. Just get a blank column now. ??? #
  • I checked out TweetRoll – as an attempt to bring more twitter into my blog. However it doesn’t randomize or present recent tweeple visits. #
  • @google I’m stille waiting on my Grand Central upgrade to Google Voice. Seems like a funny roll out to me. When will it happen? #
  • Installing the iPhone 3.0 SDK Soon to upgrade iPhone to 3.0 #
  • Import Tweets on your posts as comments into your WordPress blog! This is something I’ve been looking for. Plan .. #
  • @mrblog – iSpykee Remote Control Robot App for iPhone | Cult of Mac – What you get for having fun! #
  • 3.0 & Forwarding SMS Messages—the secret to the iPhone’s success in India | makes a good set of point that are w.. #
  • @hyderj you could try smaller icons… more like the twitter page. Also add a quick your face here or tick to “friend”/ activate a cookie? in reply to hyderj #
  • @eranevenkesef #phweet happy to share details with you. in reply to eranevenkesef #
  • @CoachDebbi re #phweet. What would you like to know? What would you like it to do? in reply to coachdebbi #
  • @coachdebbi wait a few weeks and some enhancements may appeal. in reply to coachdebbi #
  • @armano – excellent! “Turning The Tide: An Insider’s Perspective” | Turning social media into a corporate learni.. #
  • Ok… am done working through iPhone 3.0 updates. Also works on my now “development phone”. Testing will take time. Thinking about “new”! #
  • @danyork yes! and everything works… and despite some reports doesn’t seem slow. in reply to danyork #
  • The copy paste function in iphone 3.0 is really sweet. Worth waiting for elegant solutions. #

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