My Twitter Updates for 2009-03-24

March 24, 2009

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  • @danyork what’s the reference re Truphone and sdk? Not sure I understand the connection. in reply to danyork #
  • Just made sure I submitted my SkypeforSip beta application. I hope to try something new. #
  • I wonder has anyone sold their house on Twitter yet? Wonder if there is a place for #openhome chatter on Sundays? Might be interesting. #
  • Has anyone created a WordPress solution that uses Twitter oAuth to register Twitternames / users to create a Twitter related solution? #
  • @TomMartin happy to share more re Phweet with you. in reply to TomMartin #
  • Another “Twitter WordPress plugin – Autolink to Username” | does that linking work for you. Not installed. #
  • Just received my upgrade to Google Voice. Processed and ready to use. Will see how it goes! #
  • @mikecane Great to see that someone else sees experimental merits in a WordPress Twitter OAuth plug-in. in reply to mikecane #
  • @dnm54 Know anyone that can build it? Or how to implement? in reply to dnm54 #
  • With Twitter oAuth and Facebook Connect “directory services” can be freed from telecom. Will Skype enable a similar authentication method?? #
  • There are nice improvements in iPhone 3.0 that you just discover. I like it alotp #
  • Are Netbooks really disruptive? I don’t think so although this HBR article gets some comment. #
  • At the #irreg meetup good group here may do some qik video later. #
  • RT@jaycross Learning Irregulars #irregs Starts 7pm Pacific tonight. Topic = future of org learning. Ustream. #
  • Going to hang out tonight with “People out to change the world of organizational learning | Learning Irregulars .. #

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