My Twitter Updates for 2009-04-14

April 14, 2009

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  • What do you think…??? would Skype founders buying back Skype from eBay be a good or a bad thing? #
  • I am going to have to get outside. The floor sanders are at it again. Noisy noisy. So it may be back to landscaping and hard labor! #
  • @kencamp apparently stumbleupon was sold by ebay back to it’s founders for a lessor sum than Skype will command… #
  • @bluedude I’m doubtful although I’d love to hear their strategy for it. in reply to bluedude #
  • @kencamp seems they are already on the right direction and course. Years late — Investors should bring a value add. What is it? in reply to kencamp #
  • eBay Inc. Announces Plan for 2010 Initial Public Offering of Skype #
  • @kencamp go on… write the upside investor plan! Be the first to blog why and how investors are going to make a long term killing. in reply to kencamp #
  • @kencamp a140 character synopsis will do for intent! in reply to kencamp #
  • @SherylBreuker I’m sure I’d have no right to comment. Put it down to small keyboards. in reply to SherylBreuker #

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