My Twitter Updates for 2009-05-05

May 5, 2009

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  • Good morning! The power just went out here. It continues to rain too. Unusual. #
  • Reading wsj that “401(k)s hit by withdrawal freezes” angle not read about before. Banking crisis is getting worse. #
  • RT @pinnovation: Develop a refined taste for things that are peculiar and weird…you’ll have great cocktail party stories…. -Saffo #wif09 #
  • If the govt thinks a Chrysler worker is worth K$314 handout effectively (wsj) well…. Just another signal and not encouraging. #
  • Will be in the city tonight for the Ted-x event. Am back to focussing on work as house sale is now “pending”. May even get back to blogs. #
  • Pg&e said via telebotgal that power may be out till 10:45 and thankfully it has just come back on. Internet services back up! Coffee time! #
  • @ReneeCallahan ck is one of my favorite strategy guru’s. I think I’m missing a good event. in reply to ReneeCallahan #
  • @martinroell those books won’t help any one now. The rise of the collective individual economy? What next? in reply to martinroell #
  • In sf heading toward the Ted-x event. Will tweet if it is online. #

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