My Twitter Updates for 2009-05-08

May 8, 2009

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  • Forget Apple, Amazon Should Buy Twitter. Why Not? — Good payments insights. iTunes is a better payment model IMHO
  • @jackvinson re net work and strategy liked the universes quote. Traditional measures aren’t very successful in my view. New indicators req! in reply to jackvinson #
  • The latest windows pc commercials don’t do it for me. Love to see research that disputes my gut sense. They play to apples strategy #
  • I’d still like to see more and different rationales for why various cos should buy Twitter. Too much rumor not enough thought on why. #
  • @dankeldsen it’s simply called “speedtest” and is a free download. in reply to dankeldsen #
  • @kencamp focal issue for twitter is different vs competitors and other parties. “What’s your Twitter strategy?” remains relevant ? 4 many in reply to kencamp #
  • Twitter fails the threaded test… from public to DM exchange that becames a one to one or many chat. The DM should have a # equivalent. #
  • @danyork – need I look are you on it? in reply to danyork #
  • @danyork I checked the list… you don’t want to be on it! More fun to create and deploy than analyse. We should catch up! in reply to danyork #
  • Going to see star trek. Unusual for me to go to a theater. Will be crowded. #

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