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May 14, 2009

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  • "As I write, this is an ongoing story–and one of interest only to Twitteraddicts, in case you couldn’t tell–but it leaves me thinking that nobody but nobody has truly figured out what makes Twitter Twitter. Including Twitter."
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  • There was also a comment in the updated RWW that was excellent. "If you don't follow someone, you won't see their @ to other people, which removes the serendipity. If you are follow blocked, you can't see their tweets in your stream, but it also looks as if you will not be able to see their @ now in searching their name in search, which is the workaround. That's deliberate. There's now a serious hobble put in the search that you aren't noticing or writing about……

    Before, if I wasn't following a person, but searched a key word and found them saying something interesting about a topic I was interested in, or in reply to someone else interesting, I could press on the arrow button and instantly reply to them.

    Now I can't…..

    That's a terrible thing when replicated across an entire system that has come to be the chief form of democratic discourse in our society these days. Posted by: Prokofy | May 13, 2009 2:54 PM"

  • "An interesting starting point of Jan Schmidt's presentations was the reason he thought the social web is a good fit with teenagers. The three practices that social media actively embrace match up with three important developmental aspects teenagers grapple with. Identity management (status updates, profiles, publishing vids) relates to the task of the development of self (who am I?), relationship management (friending online, commenting, following) chimes with the development of socialization (who/where am I in groups?), and information management (searching, tagging, rating) matches up with the developmental task of general orientation (who am I in the world?)"
  • 10 business trends that are well and truly on the radar (although I believe they were 10 years ago too). To get beyond trends is what actually matters. Similarly evaluating how they may play out in the context of your business or organization matters. What next only matters in context.
  • I am hopeful that protocols will emerge such as OAuth, OpenID, and OpenSocial that will level the playing field. We will be able to use one single "sign-on" for all our web sites and create *one* profile and have control over which networks and which parts of the profile it appear in. For example, it would be nice to create a comprehensive profile that is encrypted and totally under the user's contro
  • I've tuned in to the #fixreplies today and this post caught my attention. Key element here is that Twitter is not community driven and it should be. I've been an advocate of the "all @replies" from the beginning. And no I don't tune into all those conversations. Yet it is the quickest way for me to add the friends of my friends and join the conversation. Engineering is not the right answer for it's elimination. The real shame is… the majority of people didn't know it existed. Result. Faulty intelligence. Heavy users use it along with other tools to make sense of the flow.
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