My Twitter Updates for 2009-05-20

May 20, 2009

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  • Second Life generates 15 billion minutes in web voice calls » VentureBeat #
  • Twitter is so boring without the @replies visible. Conversations are invisible… now just a micro-blog. #fixreplies may never go away #
  • Loaded tweetdeck and just a few real conversations visible. Yep Twitter is totally boring today. Where will I find that interest now? #
  • Does this mean that mouthpieces now rule on Twitter rather than conversationalists? No easy way to follow into new conversations . #
  • @gwachob a combined search of all my key friends… gabe or tom or …. etc. ? Make it easy! Not sure I want to set that up. in reply to gwachob #
  • @gwachob key issue is they were outbound messages from people I follow… rather than inbound messages to them. Don’t want all inbound. in reply to gwachob #
  • @PhoneBoy no it doesn’t. I see your response to another only if I follow both of you. My name isn’t a problem. Before I saw your @replies. in reply to PhoneBoy #
  • RT @Twitter API: @mrblog that’s sweet. I just re-followed 2 people because of you “hack”. ^DW #fixreplies #
  • RT @mrblog: @stuarthenshall that’s basically what does – or top5 : mod to search specific friends #
  • @mrblog unfortunatley… I follow too many it seems to get bogged down. Tried some Other ID’s and got great results. in reply to mrblog #
  • @mrblog @gwachob @phoneboy — I almost missed the conversation you guys were having! #

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