GoogleWave – read TimO’Reilly and “What would it be like if…???”

June 1, 2009

in Knowledge Innovation

Tim O’Reilly’s Google Wave summary is as good as any I’ve seen. I loved his description below for it was exactly how I felt when I saw the demo. Since then I’ve seen more cautionary posts and comments. Yet this demo was as good for me as seeing David Gelertner’s post many many years (2001) ago on the need to manage the flow or timeline.

Most importantly, it left me thinking… as a manager (if I was managing in a large organization) how would we shift from where we are today to this new world. For it was obvious, that gWave or similar services are going to happen and they will provide the organization with perceptible benefits even if we can’t measure them from a prototype today. I think GoogleWave provided something tangible, a view into a world that will likely shift many of us in the way we iterate and work. Should set off a few scenario discussions in more than one organization.

Google Wave: What Might Email Look Like If It Were Invented Today? – O’Reilly Radar

When I saw Wave for the first time on Monday, I realized that we’re at a kind of DOS/Windows divide in the era of cloud applications. Suddenly, familiar applications look as old-fashioned as DOS applications looked as the GUI era took flight. Now that the web is the platform, it’s time to take another look at every application we use today, and ask the same question Lars and Jens asked themselves: “What would this look like if we invented it today instead of twenty-five years ago?”

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