My Twitter Updates for 2009-06-01

June 1, 2009

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  • @andyabramson looks like another poorly constructed survey to me. Ask the wrong question get dumb directional answers. in reply to andyabramson #
  • @euan great post- “Social networks are all about finding stuff” | unforutnately changes in Twitter #fixreplies m.. #
  • @DeanLand re #140characters – Comment on the wisdom of the #fixreplies changes which have significantly impacted on my enjoyment of Twitter in reply to DeanLand #
  • The Ten Ways Twitter Will Permanently Change American Business | (They missed Phweet! but see telecom threat) #
  • I still seem to be wading into pointed GoogleWave chats. I think it move “thought” forward, tech too but am surprised by some -ve reactions #
  • RT @kevinmarks: ‘faces and butts attract attention’ is obvious from any magazine rack. Faces as trust signals is new #

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