My Twitter Updates for 2009-06-17

June 17, 2009

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  • @SherylBreuker testing tweetdeck on the iPhone. Interesting layout and handling of navigation. in reply to SherylBreuker #
  • Initial impression of tweetdeck iPhone very good. Column concept inevitable and is better than lists. Oppotunities for further improvement. #
  • @kencamp the strategic opp is targeted in the synchronization. That account sever can be further leveraged. in reply to kencamp #
  • RT @AlohaArleen: If we could still C ALL that is tweeted by those we follow I wouldn’t hv 2 say the same things ovr+ovr+ovr. #fixreplies PLZ #
  • The iPhone OS on a 24in Multi-Touch Screen [Video] | It is only a question of time. #

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