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July 9, 2009

in general

  • How do you get an iPhone user to buy an iPod Touch? When your carrier has locked you down and you want to travel what features would compel me to buy a second device – that isn't an iPhone? I've often said Tablet / Book sized etc. I better camera / video may also get me to do it. I already have two other iPods at home. They've become a clock radio and stereo input respectively. Sometimes they go traveling or in the car too. However there is the iPhone for that. What I really want is an iPhone with a decent camera. I do like the idea that the touch is likely to have a camera in the future. It will change the way kids use them and make it a more compelling purchase.
  • I'm not surprised by Alec's conclusions. I'm also disappointed that I can't get a Nokia quality camera on an iPhone. In fact recently been thinking of buying an big digital SLR again after being cameraphone centric for years. Although I'd prefer to put the $1000 into something I really want to carry around – or can't be without. While iPhone still wins on Apps and games etc… it is the things we use everyday that matter. The camera for me is in that realm when it is portable in my pocket. Most games aren't. Reading is… etc. I'm still walking around with a compromise. For photography my N95 set the bar high. I know it each time I take a picture. It's a shame that more don't. I don't carry the small cameras as they aren't much better. The big one will get left at home. Maybe I should go back to carrying two phones.
  • Like many I woke up to news of Google Chrome this morning. For now I'm still yawning. In principle fine. When it arrives it arrives. The work needs to be done with the suppliers like Dell. Until really good products ship with Android or ChromeOS it's not going to be visible. Can I see opportunities. Yes certainly. Only time will tell. I'd also like to see some "counter cloud" strategies. I'm sure the pendulum will also swing again the other way at some time.

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