My Twitter Updates for 2009-07-28

July 28, 2009

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  • Been following the GizmoVoice updates. However have not been able to dial out through google voice account. Am using as PAP2T ATA . #
  • Should education be reduced to 140 char? ” Students From Around The World Learn Through SMS” #
  • Thanks to edprentice for this pointer. “Nokia in Trouble? How Fast Can a Mobile Device Giant React?” #
  • @andyabramson sums up the GizmoVoice GoogleVoice connection. I put it into action. GizmoVoice now provides the h.. #
  • @leedryburgh — ah real intelligence in 20 char in reply to leedryburgh #
  • @AlecSaunders comment on AT&T’s bitch. The Apple reason is problaby in the “notification” service. Which can “si.. #
  • Voxilla came to the rescue providing a quick and easy configuration wizard – something Linksys failed to provide. #
  • Bamboo Bicycle seen on Bart yesterday. iPhone pic is poor but just liked the idea #
  • RT @mobileactive: The Future of Mobile — traveling the mobile future: @mocom2020 | This isn’t really wild enough! #

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