My Twitter Updates for 2009-08-05

August 5, 2009

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  • Enjoyed taking pictures around Paris yesterday as I walked around in a jet lagged daze. Not sure where headed yet this morning. Coffee 1st #
  • Why can’t my Eye-Fi card share with more than one picture sharing network at once? Plus there are no Twitter Pic options or Shozu. Why not? #
  • Ok found that the eye-fi card does enable tweets. Although not quite like I wanted. #
  • My question for @gigaom. Are app reviews “equal” across the world? Is it better to launch an approval risky ipho.. #
  • @andyabramson Will have to look at a map! Heading to south of France on Sunday. Paris till then. Times up on the 16th. in reply to andyabramson #
  • @filos I wish I could get everywhere. Am coming back in October. Couldn’t do Italy this time. in reply to filos #
  • @stoweboyd re: Delicious Does Twitter, Sort Of, But It’s Not The Appliance I Dream Of | stick with link blog and.. #
  • @Netra @dina thanks for the birthday wishes. Much appreciated in reply to Netra #
  • Interesting update on gizmovoice. Now we know who’s going to pay the bills. #
  • When are tweets windowdressing? Which co’s have you caught in the act. Send me your examples. #

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