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August 21, 2009

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I left a comment on/Message: Project Retweet: When Ultrastructure Becomes Infrastructure a few minutes ago and the more I think about RT’s the more passionate I become. It’s time Twitter developers took a more empowering user role in Twitter innovation

Twitter continues to screw around with defining 140 characters and how we can or cannot have a conversation. Additionally they want to control what we see and in the future how we see it. Unfortunately, most of us only use the pipe rather than the Twitter website. That means large community Twitter Developers have a lot more power than they are using to influence how 140 characters are used and presented.

I’m still waiting for my first Twitter client that auto inserts a . at the beginning of any .@reply so everyone sees it. I’m waiting for the Twitter client that offers the option of a .RT or just redefines it to FT which in the future (given suggested Project ReTweet) will enable me to “|” and continue to add my thoughts to the retweet.  So why can’t I just put this in as a little custom code in my TweetDeck preferences not dissimilar to how I define a date presentation in a WordPress blog?

IMHO Twitter has lost sight of the social intimacy it can bring and is too focused on the stars and becoming the headline outlet. I personally am tiring of Twitters direction. I think a developer like TweetDeck or Twitterfon could enable significant further innovation by enabling the customization of messaging formats and then sharing those via the TweetDeck network. Eg if I use .@replies or FT or perhaps a %Group then all my friends can be offered the same opportunity to adopt those protocols. This would be a big deal and really speed innovation and adoption.

Right now… the individual is effectively powerless. However the developers no longer are. It’s time they started considering more deeply how their users may actually like to tweet and how using their client can add even more value.

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