My Twitter Updates for 2009-08-27

August 27, 2009

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  • .@jackvinson I don’t know of any Twitter clients that make my @replies visible to all followers. I’ll look at PeopleBrowsr #
  • . @ivey why isn’t that the default? More likely to provide viral visibility to Twitpay? Suggest you change the default word order. #
  • @timburks re TweetToCall who’s going to pay for the calling costs? There was a call to Tweet app. There is also Phweet in reply to timburks #
  • .@TweetToCall $.20 per call! ouch! You will go broke before you can build a billing system. Maybe I’m missing something. @timburks thanks! #
  • Twitter / TweetToCall: @stuarthenshall hey Stuart … @daniellemorrill Congrats! will try and call you tomorrow #
  • Twitter Fix Web Replies using Greasemonkey. by @gibson042 — I knew others wanted it too #.@ to #fixreplies #
  • Are there any WordPress to twitter plug-ins that use the Excerpt rather than the post title for the Tweet content when filled in? #
  • .@JohnnieMoore’s Weblog – great post on “The market and nature” Thanks for the pointer #

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