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September 18, 2009

in general

  • "GloPos is the first – and the most accurate – technology in the world that truly enables location applications to show the exact position of any cell phone. Outdoors, indoors, even underground."

    Bringing location based data to the 1.3 billion phones that are already out there is a no-brainer upgrade. However, I simply don't understand enough. When I install this software… who's information is it? What's the bargain i must have / make with carriers etc. Lots of potential yes. Huge potential in emerging markets with a real opportunity to introduce new free services where resistance levels may be quite different.

  • Many of the notes I made yesterday for Jajah's @call service would apply to this solution. Both have a fundamental problem… they are giving away free minutes. That costs real bucks quick. These solutions have to move beyond "minute" models. Danielle is right to use oAuth and recognize that these services can tie into any social network. Where Phweet really differs is recognizing that the "context" for the call is important and that we don't always want to share our number even via a DM on Twitter if possible. What Phweet demonstrates in my view is not about voice rather it is about the negotiation opportunity. That's why we have a URL. That's the core contract between the parties.
  • While I can't get to Ted India I am lucky enough to be here now in India and working with Dina and the team on projects that can make a difference to how we perceive the world.

    "TED is thrilled to announce the 103 TEDIndia Fellows! This diverse group of artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, musicians, activists, doctors, researchers, filmmakers and teachers provides a snapshot of the creativity and innovation emerging from South Asia."

    "Dina Mehta (India) – Co-founder and managing director of Mosoci India, an international research and ethnography consultancy"

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