My Twitter Updates for 2009-09-18

September 18, 2009

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  • Call Twitter Friends with One Click Using TweetToCall | I've mentioned this service before but relevant to note .. #
  • @filos Excellent! + looking forward to meeting up at eComm in reply to filos #
  • Glopos – A Revolution in Indoor Positioning Technology | great technology – scary pitch re advertising and where I .. #
  • @thecommunityguy they exist in a different universe… phweet initiates a request to talk while the other just ring..without context or ID in reply to thecommunityguy #
  • @SocialKind we all want to "talk" to tweeter and there are different ways of going about it which will appeal to different use cases. in reply to SocialKind #
  • RT @filos: VoIP Twitter: Does It Make Sense?.. | Left a comment. Give me $'s XXX for free calls and my service wins #
  • My Twitter Butler – I'm Being Sued | Thankfully not me but what does this mean for API developers and users? #

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