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October 28, 2009

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  • RT @fiberguy: #ecomm is about to start, @leedryburgh is on stage, excitement in the air! #
  • the echo is way too loud in here…. by the end of the day we will be running out of the room….slightly lower volume please! #
  • @filos so you aren't here then! in reply to filos #
  • martin is jusing Phweet as an example in his keynote! And talking about how to bundle to solve the customer interaction problem #
  • Tomorrow: Peopel who want to talk to you and why" @martingeddes | Exactly! #
  • #ecomm – So far no one has mentioned "mobility". Will it be a blind spot here or will we hear new thoughts and answers? #
  • @andyabramson am sure it is… I think it is an enterprise blindspot. in reply to andyabramson #
  • #ecomm is there a URL for Wave details at ecomm? Maybe I missed where to link in. #
  • @jimiinc #ecomm not doom and gloom – reality. Still I'm not sure they can go longterm without becoming more agile today. in reply to jimiinc #
  • Despite logging into #eComm googlewave it''t not immediately clear how best to contribute to the discussion. tag:ecomm with:public search? #
  • #ecomm about to look at a Fiber to Home model.. even CPH, ARPU, CMRS, Takeup. Okay so where is Mobile in the model? #
  • @jansenmartijn the skype link doesn't seem to open a public chat…. in reply to jansenmartijn #
  • #ecomm FTTH – fiber to the home. I'm not seeing a consumer benefit anyone will understand. FTTH doesn't address "real-time" needs #
  • #ecomm FTTH "The end game is to replace your copper network" | Really? Well 4G needs fiber – symbiotic? Most crucial will be how used. #
  • RT @asaunders: what happens when you get a bunch of telco geeks at a conference? Too many #ecomm backchannels! Skype, Twitter, Google Wave #
  • More on changes to GoogleVoice @danyork write about voice mail implications. share – #ecomm #
  • @fiberguy sure! in reply to fiberguy #
  • @andyabramson not sure re bashing reference. Not seeing Twitter integrated into wave. Maybe I'm missing something. watching the wave now. in reply to andyabramson #
  • What is social for a 70+ year old. "tea and biscuits" #ecomm #
  • Google relaxes single phone number requirement for Voice | Some new options for Google Voice – share #ecomm #
  • #ecomm like the auto analogy he using. What matters peak or average performance. #
  • #ecomm Twitter beats Skype and Wave for a backchannel IMHO – Where should backchannel efforts go? Twitter is relatively more open. #
  • @internetthought re apps comment… that just proves the opportunity. Must take time to think about real people in reply to internetthought #
  • @kerryritz #ecomm yes and many will soon use the same device as a mifi like device. in reply to kerryritz #
  • #eComm "SMS becoming less reliable" – yes we need to rethink signaling and notification services. SMS is an open pipe. #
  • Great talk on LTE by Moray Rumney look for slides later. #
  • @mjgraves you should be here! great event so far in reply to mjgraves #
  • #ecomm Norman Lewis talking about Vlume. sounds a lot like the thoughts in my "The COMsumer Manifesto" of some 10 years ago. #
  • #ecomm Now after Norm's talk I have to provide the link to "The COMsumer Manifesto. We have to own our data! #
  • #ecomm @brough says operators have already lost on location; like billing etc. My view more value opps today exists outside the carrier #
  • #ecomm @andyabramson "What has the mobile industry been successful at after voice, sms, and roaming?" #
  • #ecomm Is there a live video stream of events here. I know people are asking for it? #
  • #ecomm @MartijnSnels Good suggestion. Video is the only way to build the future audience and fuel the revolution. Real-time adds value. #
  • RT @imlazar: @stuarthenshall | #ecomm I stand corrected #ecomm Excellent #
  • @PaulSweeney true… agree participation is the key and some language here may exclude some. Still must get on the radar of others. in reply to PaulSweeney #
  • #ecomm @andyabramson this issue isn't how many were sold in this room A better question. How many have the NYTimes on the iPhone. #
  • #ecomm I am beginning to have strong feelings about the POV's of this panel. Too many apples for oranges. And some don't have an iphone 🙂 #
  • #ecomm IMHO GoogleVoice is closing in on providing a free service. Now it recognizes your mobile number it can provide an ad model – future #
  • #ecomm @andyabramson "where is mobile in 5 years" they should be talking about the impact of banking / saving eg MPESA changes everything #
  • @stevenlangbroek it is not a good for everyone thing. There are learnings to be had by trying one out. Can't understand the future without in reply to stevenlangbroek #
  • #ecomm anyone else lament the demise of Jaiku? Never achieved its potential. Shame really. #
  • #ecomm Layar "open reality platform" with an API 3rd parties are developing layars. Example "mountain tops" see names in phone cam #
  • #ecomm 3dLayar coming – a world of augmented reality in the palm of your hand. Great stuff! Teleport yourself. #
  • 3ecomm Layar neat example re 3D on a book. These become persistent 3D artifacts. This has much broader implications. #
  • #ecomm Layar "When you hold up your phone you see a completely new world." "names over peoples heads at ecomm" – Next year? #
  • @filos partially true. Simplicity won at least for now. Future who knows… in reply to filos #
  • @efm2 it's not live to my knowledge.. it should be. isn't in reply to efm2 #
  • @danyork it would seem few really get how to use it… just an observation. in reply to danyork #
  • @gwachob why is the baybridge closed? planned? in reply to gwachob #
  • Is The BlackBerry Doomed? @great pointer to article by Peter Sissons (@andyabramson article #
  • @gwachob glad I'm in amsterdam then! thanks for the link. in reply to gwachob #
  • @danyork unfortunately, a conference is not really a collaboration session. There isn't a consistent focal issue really. in reply to danyork #
  • @andrewhansen so I htought you were coming here… but I guess not. in reply to AndrewHansen #
  • #ecomm For those from the Bay area … be glad we are missing the hassles with the Bay Bridge closed. #
  • #ecomm – no one has left the room early today. Nice close by Thomas – made me think – think we are on a similar wave length. #

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