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November 4, 2009

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  • A very strong list of suggestions. Most I'd categorize in "yes seen before". I'd also suggest these reflect some disappointment. Many want more control over interruptions and access. They also want control based on their temporal state (working play etc.). I still think we are missing the boat. Yes we want voice to text to work and that can make many things better, easier and faster. I still think the big problem is RIbbit has effectively over promised and underdelivered. In the end I doubt they will get many takers for a $30/month service.
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  • It's the second or third review I've read on Ribbit and it is clear to me the writers haven't used it. That's typical and problematic when the products don't really live up to the hype. Too many things that don't work or are talked beyond what really happens today. While I hope Ribbit is successful what I've seen is not encouraging or really new. I'd like to see some real innovation.
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  • While I doubt the real statistical nature of this little survey that captured these results I'm left with two concerns. First the survey used 11+ as the top end for apps added. I've tried over 250 on my iPhone and currently run about 80 of which I'd say 25 are high frequency. So I'm not sure what I should infer from this report? How does Nokia define the number of apps and where should we target expectations. If 11 is the number then that phone or person experiences limited customization. If the number is higher with high usage then customization/personalization is much higher and the tools more rewarding as a result.
  • The positioning of a platform for transferring money or making small payments will succeed when it becomes an easy way to also collect and save money. When mobile resellers can top up accounts and users can set savings goals it will become common place.
  • Most of us will never need this product. Still I find the lifetime service model interesting.
  • Ribbit Mobile is launching. It looks a lot like GoogleVoice. Both now allow you to use your mobile number and then route calls to other channels etc. While this channel management is an advantage and potentially enables users to route all calls on the basis of lowest cost (something we did in Phweet too) there's no real progress on the callerID front or in the "filtering" of inbound calls. Similarly there remains the problem that inbound communications no longer provide a location based input. That will only be addressed when new Notification systems come into play. For now… signals setting up calls the googlevoice and the Ribbit way are just slight progress… but we remain in the dark ages.

    The ribbit mobile site does have some useful use case examples on it and I'd agree that voice mail is broken. These efforts to get them translated into text is just a further affirmation that "context" before the call is the way of the future.

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