Smoke Signals – Is it time to burn our telephone numbers?

November 6, 2009

in Knowledge Innovation, Strategic Foresight, VoIP

Just for fun…

The Chinese, Greeks, Romans and American Indians all used “smoke” to communicate complex messages. Todayʼs smoke signals may just be Twitter or another micro- blogging service. What implications does this have for mobile communications and escalating the conversation? For sender and receiver? How are our signaling patterns changing?

A new type of signal is emerging…. A callerID paradigm selected and controlled by the user. ConTEXT (SMS or other notification) before the call. Are the conversational rules of escalation changing? These directories and lifestream updates are all things that are emerging outside the Telecom exchange structure (directories, numbers, channels, records). Is the good old telephone number about to be snuffed out? Could a simpleURL replace it? I still think it could.

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