My Twitter Updates for 2009-11-10

November 10, 2009

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  • RT @jeneane: @garyturner "the reason for blogging is to get people on the phone." – @clockerb 2002 voicemail #
  • So @om.. when will location based tweets support and drive traffic..? Why Free Wi-Fi Marketing Is Smart from @gigaom #
  • I also posted: What’s your mobile location strategy? Twitter and the GPSURL #
  • I see I now have the RT beta version. Plus the "3 new tweets" like search is active. I feel so special. "not" #
  • @A_F like the #iknowWhoinfluencesWhatfromWhere and sort of but not. old address. in reply to A_F #
  • I just RT'd under the new schema for the first time. Discover I get an "undo". So one can pull their support? #
  • @dnm54 it will appear on your twitter page "retweet" I still prefer RT although this may also generate some new behaviors. in reply to dnm54 #
  • RT @stoweboyd: People like Consumers Union haven't gotten hip to Twitter yet. Still email obsessed. | Could be a good way to create payments #
  • .@andyabramson writes: Gizmo and Google-My Thoughts | Will GoogleVoice | talk now become a real Skype competitor #
  • I'm generally with @gigaom that the N900 is the the future for Nokia at the intelligent rather than status end .. #
  • @kencamp well I won't really know unless I live with one… which I may. As releases are 9 to 18 months this one has to work for them. in reply to kencamp #
  • @aswath lot of money for a so-so soft client! in reply to aswath #
  • R.I.P. Russell Ackoff with a great set of quotes! Thanks @jonhusband #

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