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November 19, 2009

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  • Also noted on PCWorld a Product Marketing Manager for Nokia appears to have let slip that 2012 is the last iteration of the N-Series based on Symbian. I'm frankly surprised it is going to take that long. Yes product cycles are longer than we think although the N900 should be followed up with at least a more effective touch only device and thinner etc much more quickly. IMHO. Consumers will quickly learn that the top end phones won't carry Symbian anymore. That suggests limited growth, little chance of real software upgrades etc. I like the direction Maemo is headed. I still want an N900 and I believe there's a positioning opportunity. Nokia's "job" is to bring the billion+ symbian phones and users into the computer age without ever having a PC. I think the cost of large screen touch devices is also going to drop far faster than expected based on a straight line plot.

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